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Titus Telesco is a character from the 1998 film I Still Know What You Did Last Summer. He was portrayed by Jack Black.

Biography Edit

Titus the dreadlocked, dirty pothead residing on the resort. He was friends with fellow tendant Darick and was disliked by the guests for his appereance offputting behaviour and hygiene.

Titus offered Julie and her friends several opportunities to party with him, but like all the other guests, was declined. Titus resided in the pool generator room where he set up his Marijuana bushell and would secretly stash them beneath the boiler.

Titus became a victim to the Fisherman, he is killed in the pool generator room about to light his bong. The fisherman who foresaw from the back window enters and first pins his hand to the table with hook and then selects a gardening implement from the back. His choosing the pruning shears which he lodges in Titus' chest as his lards words pass "It's All Good"

Trivia Edit

  • Jack Black was uncredited for this role.

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