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Tosh Guaneri appears as a female victim in the 1998 slasher film Urban Legend, played by Danielle Harris.

Shut off the Light[]

Tosh was a manic depressive goth girl student at Pendleton College.

She was the roommate of Natalie Simon, which was why the killer murdered her.

She was part of a goth dating site called Goth 4 Goth and was on it shortly before her death.

Natalie was unknowingly a witness to Tosh's demise but failed to see anything properly as she did not turn on the light revealing Brenda smothering her.

The reason for this is Natalie is seen earlier in the film to walk in on Tosh having sex before, because of switching on the bedroom light.


Brenda the killer passes Tosh's murder off as a tragic suicide by slitting her wrists after the murder.

She also wrote in Tosh's blood the Urban Legend Roommate's death message on the walls " Aren't You Glad You Didn't Turn on the Light."

Brenda posed as a date for Tosh on the goth dating site and then slipped into her room while Tosh was getting ready in the bathroom in the corridor.

Natalie was on her way back from the library at most of the time of the attack.

Tosh is also discovered been having taking prescriptions of the drug Lithium confirming her manic depressive state.

She Painted Half the Room Black[]

Natalie is interviewed about the death by Dean Adams and Reese Wilson, in which she confirms that no light and half the room's walls painted black concealed her killing.

Dean Adams also dismissed the writing on the walls as a morbid suicide note.