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Tracy Campbell is a character in The Rage: Carrie 2. She was played by Charlotte Ayanna.

Biography[edit | edit source]

She attended the New Bates High School and was in many ways the equivalence of the late Chris Hargensen. She was also the ex-girlfriend of football player Jesse Ryan, who broke with her because of her lack of empathy towards the death of Lisa Parker, who commits suicide in her own school in an event she knew about from a distance.

When Jesse becomes interested in Rachel Lang, she becomes jealous and bitter, and plots the humiliation of Rachel with all the other football team members and cheerleaders in an effort to win Jesse back.

On the night of The Black Party, she separates Jesse from Tracy, so that the humiliation can happen in full and also in an attempt to seduce him in the meantime. When they arrive at the party in Mark Bing's house, they discover the house in flames and the people dead from Rachel's wrath and murderous rampage.

When Rachel notices Tracy, she instinctively deduces her role in her humiliation and kills her in revenge by collapsing the ceiling above her and making it burn and kill her in the process.

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