Twisted is a 2004 Psychological Horror/Crime Thriller written by Sarah Thorp and directed by Philip Kaufman.


Mills tells Shepard that he suspects Delmarco of being the killer, since in the past he accidentally overdosed one of his own female partners. Mills stating that since Delmarco has grown increasingly close to Shepard during the course of the investigation, which they can use against him. Both turn up at Delmarco's quayside home to question him where Mills serves Delmarco wine laced with rohypnol to incapacitate him, as he starts compulsively handling a lighter it sparks a buried memory from Shepard who knows Mills is the actual true serial murderer as Mills starts setting up the scene to look as if Delmarco will commit suicide, just like how her father had looked when he supposedly committed suicide. Shepard snaps her gun at him but struggles to pull the trigger as Mills admits he told her father his partner about her mother being a nymphomaniac which drove him insane. Delmarco comes round and flees outside Mills slugs Shepard and follows as he searches on a fog bound pier, Delmarco on a makeshift raft below Mills swims to a floating jetty, only to discover Mills has beat him too it and begins the process of leaving his mark like all his other victims. Shepard confronts him over all the homicides and he admits murdered all of Shepard's lovers, since he considered it is his mission to prevent Shepard from growing up to be a dissolute woman like her mother. Mills reveals he felt the responsibility to inform her father about his wife. Furthermore, as he himself had an illicit affair with Shepard's mother, Mills felt the need to slay her lovers, because they weren't good enough for her. Then ashamed that he helped destroy his partner's marriage, Mills decided to put her father out of his misery by staging his suicide.

Shepard secretly transmits Mills's confession to other police officers on a mobile phone, allowing her old partner Wilson to track them down. When Mills goes to shoot Delmarco, Shepard is forced to fire, hitting him square in the chest knocking him off a dock into the water. The film closes on Mills's corpse drifting on the water's surface surrounded by sea lions as the cops look on

List of DeathsEdit


  • Ashley Judd as Jessica Shepard
  • Samuel L. Jackson as John Mills
  • Andy García as Mike Delmarco
  • David Strathairn as Dr. Melvin Frank
  • Russell Wong as Lieutenant Tong
  • Camryn Manheim as Lisa
  • Richard T. Jones as Wilson Jefferson
  • Leland Orser as Edmund Cutler
  • Mark Pellegrino as Jimmy Schmidt
  • Titus Welliver as Dale Becker
  • D.W. Moffett as Ray Porter
  • James Oliver Bullock as John Flanagan
  • William Hall as Chip Marshall
  • Joe Duer as Larry Geber
  • Jim Hechim as Bob Sherman
  • Danny Lopez as Sgt. Lopez

Production notesEdit