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I'm the Belgiansparten. From youth I have been interested in paranormal and weird phenomana. Freaks of nature, extra-ordinary people and creatures, bizzare tales and ghost stories. The transitation to horror was quickly made, something that caught my interest when I was 10. When I was 12, I watched my first horror movie and since then, it has become one of my favorite genres of fiction work. I enjoy read, seeing and writing horror stories, as well reviewing them.

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In this blog series, I'm discussing horror films who had great concepts but didn't live up to the expectations or squandered their potential completely. In these blogs, I will also go in depth on how the film would have worked better, in my opinion.

Terrific Terror Edit

In this blog series, I'm discussing horror films who, in my opinion, have proven to truly understand the concepts of horror and terror, who know how to exploit expectations and turn your own mind against you with simple yet effective twist. In these blogs, I will go in depth on what makes these films so good and what disturbs me about it.

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