Not to be confused with the Silent Hill 3 character.

Valtiel is a demon lord, who appears as a primary antagonist in The Dulvey Saga. He is played by Peter Anderson, who also portrays Paul Lee, Evil Paul and ChooChoo the Clown.

History Edit

For many centuries, as far back as 1898, Valtiel was a master demon who sacrificed locals within the Dulvey area, including Metro, his ancestor, Dawn, and up to the present day, sacrificed Ernie Robinson, and Jim Goody. Alongside Dawn, who Jim planned on marrying, Jim got her pregnant. Dawn was reincarnated, because she was originally a woman called Angelica, but Valtiel wanted to rewrite history and make sure her future demon hunting kid did not produce a kid, and so on.

At some point, Valtiel was banished into the depths of hell, and yielded limited power, which is how he could still appear in a minor capacity. A particular house in Dulvey that Jim moved into, appeared to be possessed; some believed it was, but others did not. However, many other locals went there out of curiosity, never to return, and once, one curious demon hunter called "Cat" encountered Valtiel, but Cat was easily defeated. As a punishment for his feeble attempt to end his reign of terror, Cat was turned into a cat, often just called The Black Cat. It would later be sent to relay information back to Valtiel, and could talk, like the cat in Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Jim remained trapped in hell, as did his fallen friend, Paul Lee, and were able to leave the Dulvey estate, but not beyond the gate and never together. They were also plagued by attacks from their zombie twins. Eventually, Paul learned of Valtiel's imminent return from reading things on the Internet regarding what had occurred in that area, and attempted to persuade Jim to give him a witchcraft book to help them be rid of their troubles. Jim, knowing of the risks, decided to stall giving the book to Paul and threw it in the trash where he didn't think Paul would find it. Paul later found it though, and as they argued, ChooChoo the Clown appeared to try to take them out, but failed. Jim's zombie twin appeared again and used the book to summon Valtiel, who took out Paul momentarily, before focusing on Jim. Paul attempted to go for help, but found the staircase was being guarded by six ravens.

After a brief fight, Valtiel was critically wounded by the dagger of Metro, so Jim finished the job. Jim was left confused, however. Jim and Paul soon left the estate, only for Jim to show up later on and kill the evil cat.

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