Vampire Bats is a 2005 American, made for TV movie, starring the New Zealand actress, Lucy Lawless. It is a follow-up to Locusts.

Plot Edit

Freshmen friends of the Tate University go to an underground party in the woods nearby the local cemetery. After a death, two of the students are arrested until a professor suggests that bats might be the real culprit.

Cast Edit

  • Lucy Lawless as Maddy Rierdon
  • Dylan Neal as Dan Dryer
  • Liam Waite as Game Warden
  • Timothy Boltoms as Hank Poelker
  • Craaig Ferguson as Fisherman
  • Brett Butler as Shelly Beaudraux
  • Tony Plana as Sheriff Herbst
  • Jessica Stroup as Eden
  • Bobby Campo as Don
  • Stephanie Honoré as Jossie
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