Vicky was played by Linda Hamilton in Children of the Corn (1984).

About Edit

She is the girlfriend of Burt and she is very close to him. After celebrating his birthday they travel with the car and casually arrive at Gaitlin, where they ind the town deserted.

At first they find Sarah, who warns her indirectly about the cult's intention to kidnap her through a drawing. Then she is kidnapped by Malachai and his group under orders of Isaac in order to sacrifice her to "He who walks behind the Rows". For that purpose they tie her to a cross at the cornfield, where the group is.

She is later saved by Burt with the help of Job and Sarah and, after defeating the cult and the entity, they go away from there, decide to adopt the children and go away from Gaitlin.

After that they reported to the authorities what happened in Gaitlin, which will lead to the events of The Children of the Corn II.

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