Warbirds is 2008 action-horror films directed by Kevin Gendreau and starring Jamile Elle Mann, Brian Krause and Tohoru Masamune.

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During WWII, a pilot and her crew carry a small group of American soldiers and an unknown cargo. However they get caught in a storm and they are forced to land in what is thought to be enemy territory. But the small island they land on holds more than men with guns.

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  • Jamie Elle Mann as Maxine 'Max' West
  • Brian Krause as Col. Jack Toller
  • Tohoru Masamune as Col. Ozu
  • Shauna Rappold as Shauna Rappold
  • Lucy Faust as Hoodsie Smith
  • Caleb Michaelson as Sgt. John Lee
  • Gizza Elizondo as Vicky Teeling

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