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William Rollins
Will Rollins
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Jason Ritter

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William "Will" Rollins is the secondary deuteragonist in Freddy vs. Jason. He was the boyfriend of Lori Campbell and was sent away after witnessing the death of her mother.


Will Rollins was first mentioned by Kia Waterson when she tells Lori Campbell that she need to move on. He wasn't seen until he was sent to Westin Hills where he was quarantined with other teenagers exposed to Freddy and forced to take Hypnocil after seeing Lori's father murdering her mother (it is later revealed he was trying to save her from Freddy Krueger).

After he sees news of a murder at Lori's house, he escapes with his best friend, Mark Davis to help her. He later travels with Lori and her friends to Camp Crystal Lake to stop Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees.

Then, Will helps Lori blow up the dock where the villains are fighting. He and Lori survived the confrontation between the notorious killers.

In a deleted scene, Will and Lori are having sex. Then Will grabs Lori's neck and blades come out of Will's finger, meaning Freddy possessed Will to kill Lori in her nightmare, but she wakes up.

He and Lori return in FVJVA where they both get killed by Jason.

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