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Winnie-the-Pooh Blood and Honey 2 is a 2024 British Slasher horror film directed by Rhys Frake-Waterfield. It's a sequel to Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey (2023) which itself is a horror adaptation of A.A. Milne and E.H. Shepard's Winnie-the-Pooh Books.


Following the events of the first film, Christopher Robin flees from the Hundred Acre Wood and returns to his childhood town of Ashdown to seek help. The corpses of Maria and her friends are recovered from the woods, but Christopher is believed to be responsible and the incident is dubbed as the "Hundred Acre Massacre".

Now an outcast after being framed for the murders, Christopher goes to his hypnotherapist Samantha to deal with his childhood trauma when his twin brother Billy was kidnapped and never seen again. He also deals with repudiation from Ashdown's residents, except for his childhood friends Lexy and Finn; nobody believes in his story about Winnie-the-Pooh's and Piglet's killing spree.

Meanwhile, in the Hundred Acre Wood, Pooh and Piglet are recovering from the events of the first film. Due to a few people who believe in Christopher's story, they are forced to hide with fellow creatures Tigger and Owl, who then slaughter a group of university students in a recreational vehicle. Some hunters ambush the creatures and kill Piglet, which leads Owl to convince Pooh to attack Ashdown instead of simply waiting for more hunters to come try to kill them.

Christopher loses his job as a doctor when he confronts the only hunter who survived and returns with Samantha for another hypnotherapy. He also meets Cavendish, the hospital's janitor who also tries to deal with his own personal trauma. Cavendish reveals that he worked for Dr. Gallup, a scientist who forced him to kidnap kids around Ashdown for experiments with animal genes. He would experiment the kids day and night to make sure the transformation work. He tought they died and buried them in the Hundred Acre Wood and ended up back as half-animal, half-human hybrids with an enhanced healing factor.

When Cavendish commits suicide out of guilt, Christopher learns that Billy was among the victims and was resurrected as Pooh. He decides to warn the town about the creatures' inminent attack, but faces ridicule and skepticism. Pooh, Tigger, and Owl embark on a murderous rampage through Ashdown and kill several residents on the way, including Samantha and Finn.

Pooh kills Christopher's parents Alan and Daphne and kidnaps his younger sister Bunny. Lexy takes Christopher to a rave party at a warehouse, where the creatures slaughter all the partygoers. Christopher and Lexy manage to kill Tigger and learn that Bunny was kidnapped. They return to the Hundred Acre Wood and fight Pooh, who easily subdues them both. When Christopher calls Pooh by his real name, Billy, and tries to remember his childhood, Pooh sets out to kill him for abandoning them, leading to Eeyore being cannibalized in the past.

Christopher kills Pooh with an axe before he reunites with Lexy and Bunny. Footage from the creatures' killing spree on Ashdown are reached to the police, leading Christopher to be vindicated from the murders and the police starts mobilizing their force to hunt down the crossbreeds. Owl, having survived, recovers the bodies of Pooh, Tigger, and Piglet, and promises to find a way to revive them with the help of Rabbit, Kanga, and Roo.


  • Ryan Oliva as Winnie-the-Pooh/Billy: a feral, bloodthirsty bear-like humanoid who was abandoned by Christopher Robin and was once Christopher's brother Billy.
  • Scott Chambers as Christopher Robin: A human who was friends with Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends as a child and works as a doctor at Ashdown Hospitial.
  • Mason Stanley Gold as Young Christopher Robin: a young version of Christopher Robin
  • Simon Callow as Cavendish: an alcoholic man with a dark past related to Christopher's and is related to the Crossbreeds as he worked with Dr. Gallup to kidnap children and mutate them with the genes.
  • Tallulah Evans as Lexy: Christopher's female friend.
  • Soma Zimmatore as Young Lexy: a young version of Lexy
  • Peter DeSouza-Feighoney as Young Winnie the Pooh/Billy: a young version of Pooh that Christopher befriended as a child that mysteriously dug himself up at some point after he was mutated from Billy.
  • Eddy MacKenzie as Piglet: a murderous pig-like humanoid who is Pooh's best friend. He survived the sledgehammer by Alice in the first film and is currently scarred.
  • Lewis Santer as Tigger: a bouncy yet violent tiger-like humanoid who is Pooh, Owl and Piglet's friend and helps them terrorize the Ashtown Community who likes to torture his victims before killing them.
  • Marcus Massey as Owl: an owl-like humanoid who is Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger's friend and the wisest one of the group.
  • Teresa Banham as Samantha
  • Alec Newman as Alan Robin: Christopher Robin's father, most likely based on A.A Milne. the author of the original Winnie-the-Pooh books.
  • Nicola Wright as Daphne Robin: Christopher Robin's mother, based on A.A Milne's real wife.
  • Thea Evans as Bunny Robin: Christopher Robin's younger sister who was possibly named after Rabbit as a baby.
  • Andrew Rolfe as Jacob
  • Jenny Miller as Jade 'Raver'
  • Flynn Gray as Freddie
  • Lila Lasso as Jamie
  • Tim Austin as Morgan
  • Tade Adebajo as Ava
  • Amira Nicole Thomas as Young Ava
  • Sam Barrett as Aaron: A Hunter whose face is mutilated currently after surviving a fatal attack by Pooh and his friends.
  • Chrissie Wunna as Nurse
  • Junior Wunna as Patient
  • Jay Robertson as PC Dacre
  • Kelly Rian Sanson as Mia
  • Flynn Matthews as Finn
  • Philip Philmar as Officer Gilbraith
  • Jamie Robertson as Officer Daughtry
  • Ash Tandon as Doctor Collins
  • Nichaela Farrell as Cara
  • Kalixta Kairos Fosang-Olarinmoye as Young Cara
  • Tosin Thompson as Alice
  • Joshua Osei as Darrell
  • Jenna N. Wilson as Raver:
  • Thanael Weeks as Shepard: a character that may be inspired by E.H Shepard, the illustrator of the original books.
  • Charlotte Jackson Coleman as ER Attendant:
  • Mirella Camillo as Patient
  • Amanda Jane York as ER Medic/Nurse
  • Lee River as ER Doctor
  • Ebony Soares as Patient
  • Josh Archer as Patient
  • Connor Powles as Bro Dude
  • Rain Boyd as Raver
  • William Dallaway as Young Child (Young Aaron)
  • Ivy Elizabeth Orlebar as Young Child
  • Leigh Francis as Raver
List of the deaths
The victim's name Cause of deaths The name of the murderer Death on the screen Note
Alice Impaled through stomach. Owl Yes
Mia Leg and arms broken by Pooh, who then shoved her head in a bear trap. Winnie the Pooh/Billy Robin Yes
Jamie Immolated in an RV fire set by Pooh. Skull crushed by Owl with a tree trunk. Owl, Winnie the Pooh\Billy Robin Yes
Piglet Head explode with a shotgun. Darrell Yes His body is slowly recovering as Owl prepares to bring him back to life.
Shepard Throat slit. Winnie the Pooh/Billy Robin No
Darrell Impaled with rifle. Winnie the Pooh\Billy Robin Yes
Jacob Killed while birdwatching. Owl No Limbs used to play Pooh-Sticks.
Police Officer Dacre Killed. Tigger No
Police Officer Morgan Killed. Tigger No
Police Officer Maxwell Stomach impaled with Tigger's arm. Tigger Yes
Finn Face melted with bile. Eyes stabbed with Owl's fingernails. Owl Yes
Dr. Arthur Gallup Shot in the head. Cavendish No
Mark Cavendish Suicide. Himself Yes
Officer Williams Head impaled with her own severed arm. Winnie the Pooh Yes
Daphne Robin Face impaled with multiple knives in dishwasher. Winnie the Pooh/Billy Robin Yes
Alan Robin Neck broken. Winnie the Pooh/Billy Robin No
Unnamed thug Head impaled. Winnie the Pooh/Billy Robin Yes
Unnamed thug Head ripped off with a bear trap and smashed with a bat. Winnie the Pooh/Billy Robin Yes
Unnamed thug Throat slit. Tigger Yes
Unnamed thug Stomach stabbed with Tigger's claws. Tigger Yes
Unnamed thug (Fluorescent Bitch) Head ripped off. Tigger Yes
Unnamed thug (Wings) Throat slit. Tigger Yes
Unnamed thug Beaten with Pooh's bat. Winnie the Pooh/Billy Robin Yes
Unnamed thug Head smashed with Pooh's bat on stairs. Winnie the Pooh/Billy Robin Yes
Unnamed thug Head smashed with Pooh's bat on stairs. Chased down a trapdoor to her death. Tigger Yes
Unnamed thug Stabbed to death with Tigger's claws through floor. Tigger Yes
Ava Head ripped off. Tigger Yes
Tigger Shot in the stomach. Christopher Robin No Debatable. Otherwise, he will come back to life.
Unnamed thug Face punched. Winnie the Pooh/Billy Robin Yes
Unnamed thug Burnt to death in furnace. Winnie the Pooh/Billy Robin Yes
Unnamed thug Eye impaled with electric drill. Winnie the Pooh/Billy Robin Yes
Unnamed thug Head sawed off. Winnie the Pooh/Billy Robin Yes
Cara Head ripped off. Winnie the Pooh/Billy Robin Yes
Winnie the Pooh/Billy Robin Skull cut in half with an axe. Christopher Robin Yes His body is slowly recovering as Owl prepares to bring him back to life.


  • Because the film's release date according to Rhys is possibly in February 2024, which is also the year when the final Winnie-the-Pooh book "The House at Pooh Corner" enters the public domain in the United States. It was rumoured that Tigger might appear, but it was unconfirmed at the time. On September 11th 2023, it was confirmed that Tigger would indeed appear in the sequel.
  • None of the original cast from the first film (Except Marcus Massey) will be returning for the sequel with producer Scott Chambers now playing Christopher Robin.
  • Waterfield confirmed that the film will have a bigger budget than the last one and will have a bigger cast.
  • Rabbit is confirmed to be appearing via a Twitter reply.
  • Kanga, a character left out of the first film due to Rhys not wanting to oversaturate too many characters from the books, she was confirmed to appear in the film by the Twitter as well to a reply based around the "Kanga with Hair" meme. Scott Jeffery's Q&A on Instagram also teased Roo's Prescence as well.
  • Eeyore could appear in a flashback prior to his death as Scott Jeffery's Q&A also teased it with a "Maybe."
  • The first teaser poster for Winnie-The-Pooh 2 was released in January 2023 (days after the premiere in Mexico), being an art made by Instagram user Brian Guzmán, being a number 2 in yellow with blood stains. and the phrase "Friends will gather... To take revenge" which Scott Jeffrey and Rhys Frake-waterfield saw, decided to make it an official poster for the sequel because they loved the concept. Until recently that was the official logo but a few days ago we had a new version also made by Brian now being a number 2 or "II" formed from claw scratch shapes.
  • Kanga, Roo, and Rabbit might appear later in the film due to not being present in the trailer and some marketing or a a post-credits scene as either as sketches or uncredited actors. Rhys and Scott themselves would later confirm Rabbit, Kanga, and Roo will appear in the Third Film during their introduction. The creatures of Hefflalumps and Woozles will also appear in the third film.
  • Pooh and his friends are now talking unlike the first film, But have new accents to avoid legal trouble with Disney.